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1990 Birth year
Male Gender
5 Best rank
25 Wins
24 Losses
525 Points
Intermediate Self assessment
51.02 % Win/Loss
A lot Experience
videogame_asset SW-0991-8126-7899 Nintendo Friend Code logo User

Past Tournaments 2024

Mushroom Madness #1 R. Padre Alberto Neto 17th

Past Tournaments 2023

Major L III Av. 24 de Julho 49 49th

Past Tournaments 2022

Operation: Gargula Payback R. José Galhardo 5A Loja Cave 49th

Past Tournaments 2020

Throwdown LX #73 5th

Past Tournaments 2019

Throwdown LX #69 (nice) 9th
Throwdown LX #67 13th
Throwdown LX #66 5th
XL Smash '19 9th
Throwdown LX #61 7th
Throwdown LX #57 5th
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