This website was created to provide an overview of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene in Portugal and to provide an entry point for new players to find their way into their local smash community.

In addition, the website offers a tournament manager who provides tournament organizers (TOs) with a simple tool for managing tournaments.

The page was created from the template by and is primarily maintained by: Yomi (developer).


With the help of the API and a self written web crawler program, that runs once every night, Smash Bros. Portugal is able to find and list all the SSBU tournaments in Portugal that were added to either one of the following sites:

The calendar shows all found SSBU tournaments in Portugal from two weeks ago and four months into the future. It distinguishes between the following tournament types:

    Weekly -> On Smash Bros. Portugal created weekly tournament
    Internal -> On Smash Bros. Portugal created tournament
    External -> On an external site created tournament

Power Ranking (PR)

The power ranking PT uses a combination of algorithm and jury to provide a ranking that is as close as possible to reality.

Tournament organiser

Smash Bros. Portugal contains a web application for the simple creation and administration of smash tournaments.

It is particularly suitable for weeklies, as it allows the generation of several tournaments in a defined period of time.

Are you organising tournaments yourself and would like to use the Smash Bros. Portugal Tournament Manager? Just add the TO role to your profile!

Bracket tool

Because of its free, lagless and easy to use brackets and API, the Smash Bros. Portugal Tournament Manager uses Challonge.

Bracket seeding

The initial seeding is done by generating a player list sorted by skill from all the data on Smash Bros. Portugal:

player_skill = points/participations + wins/(wins+losses)*100 + participations + self_assessment/5 + tournament_experience/10

The final seeding is done manually by a TO.


Besides the results (match scores and rankings) of the Smash Bros. Portugal Tournament Manager internal tournaments, Smash Bros. Portugal is also able to get the results from all other tournaments in Portugal. The only condition is, that the tournament was imported on in the Portugal league.

Scoring system

Regardless of the number of participants per tournament, the players rank at the end of a tournament decides the received amount of points.

Rank Points
1st 300
2nd 250
3rd 200
4th 150
5th-6th 100
7th-8th 75
9th-12th 50
13th-16th 25
17th-24th 15
25th-32nd 10
>32nd 5

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