Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
zero_suit_samus icon
Noob A lot 25.0 %
F4 | Snoopy
king_k_rool icon
Expert A large amount 54.28 %
king_dedede icon
Doing okay A lot 16.67 %
mewtwo icon ken icon kirby icon
Intermediate Some 25.0 %
ike icon lucina icon
Intermediate A lot 58.95 %
jigglypuff icon
Doing okay Some -
snake icon
Intermediate A lot 37.78 %
terry icon kazuya icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A large amount 60.08 %
bayonetta icon joker icon
Noob A little -
FCTUC | RawrDragon
king_dedede icon
Otherworldly A lot 75.61 %
cloud icon
Advanced Some -
ORO | Zekip
shulk icon
Otherworldly A lot 68.75 %
WLPR | MisterJO
king_k_rool icon dark_pit icon
Doing okay A little -
pokemon_trainer icon joker icon
Noob A large amount 14.04 %
uP | Duplo_A
little_mac icon terry icon sora icon
Intermediate A lot 51.02 %
B&B | BigLord
mii_gunner icon mii_swordfighter icon mii_brawler icon
Advanced A large amount 70.53 %
ness icon
Doing okay Some -
byleth icon
Intermediate A little 0.0 %
sora icon
Advanced A large amount 66.99 %
ORO | Iberyes
pokemon_trainer icon
Advanced A large amount 68.7 %
Gamer tag District Age Gender Comment
zero_suit_samus icon Lumina setubal image Setubal Female O Aegis gosta de pés
king_k_rool icon F4 | Snoopy setubal image Setubal 27 Male Mano, eu nem jogo este jogo.
king_dedede icon Marcelo747 lisbon image Lisbon Male Gosto de kebab
mewtwo icon octo leiria image Leiria 16 Male
ike icon Sol porto image Porto 28 Male Cria carácter
jigglypuff icon Byte porto image Porto 19 Male
snake icon Hebi porto image Porto 20 Male
terry icon SupLex lisbon image Lisbon 19 Male
bayonetta icon funky setubal image Setubal 16 Other
king_dedede icon FCTUC | RawrDragon coimbra image Coimbra 21 Male Viva o Departamento de Física da Faculdade de Ciências e ...
cloud icon Daltooh leiria image Leiria 18 Male i love swords ig
shulk icon ORO | Zekip lisbon image Lisbon 25 Male Se nunca levaste com o "Zekip", é porque nunca jogámos
king_k_rool icon WLPR | MisterJO coimbra image Coimbra 17 Male K rool down smash is funny
pokemon_trainer icon Kamina setubal image Setubal 33 Male
little_mac icon uP | Duplo_A lisbon image Lisbon 34 Male
mii_gunner icon B&B | BigLord lisbon image Lisbon 38 Male It's a Mii, Mario.
ness icon Tanou braga image Braga 22 Male
byleth icon OneforAsh porto image Porto 19 Male Ola bom dia
sora icon Daiki porto image Porto 26 Male
pokemon_trainer icon ORO | Iberyes setubal image Setubal 24 Male
Gamer tag Roles
zero_suit_samus icon Lumina Player
king_k_rool icon F4 | Snoopy Caster Player
king_dedede icon Marcelo747 Player
mewtwo icon octo Player
ike icon Sol Player TO
jigglypuff icon Byte Player
snake icon Hebi Player
terry icon SupLex Player
bayonetta icon funky Player Streamer
king_dedede icon FCTUC | RawrDragon Player Streamer
cloud icon Daltooh Caster Content creator Designer Player Streamer
shulk icon ORO | Zekip Player
king_k_rool icon WLPR | MisterJO Content creator Player
pokemon_trainer icon Kamina Player
little_mac icon uP | Duplo_A Player Streamer
mii_gunner icon B&B | BigLord Player TO
ness icon Tanou Player
byleth icon OneforAsh Player
sora icon Daiki Admin Player TO
pokemon_trainer icon ORO | Iberyes Admin Player Team manager TO
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